I was born & raised in Saint John New Brunswick Canada...I could not have asked for a better dad, I wouldn't want any other dad...When I was little I remember my mom telling me that I would want to play with her ornaments & dad would let me & I guess I use to break them accidentally of course...Mom would always tell me how he let me play with them & that I broke them...Her good expensive ornaments... Well in grade one is when things went bad for mom & dad, so dad moved out & no matter what mom said she couldn't make me turn against my dad so it has been 33 years since I was born so I sagest mom stop trying to turn me against my dad because it isn't going to happen...Don't get me wrong mom wasn't all bad there were some good memories but too few... With dad my brother & I came first & with mom well after dad left she went all wired...Instead of being a good mother & just dealing with the break up, getting over it & moving on she had only one thing one her mind & that was to turn my down syndrome brother & I against my dad...This will never work with me & she hates me for that because I will not believe & go along with her lies...Even though she has kidnapped my brothers mind she can not kid nap his heart... I do wish I could have a relationship with my mom but how can I when she lies not only about my dad but about me...Just because I wouldn't go along with her lies she decided to make up some lies about me...What type of mother does that...For the life of me I can not even begin to understand how a mother or parent can do that to a child... When I was a little girl & still even now all I wanted was for my mother to just be a mother...I am sorry that dad leaving you cause you such mental disorder that you can not seem to grasp or hold on to reality...But every thing that comes out of your mouth is hurtful lies & how could you expect me to just stand there & let you do it...You could of had my help now that you going through another separation but lying & manipulating are more important to you than your own children...I can see that in your youngest son you already are brain washing him...It is not right no matter how things ended...If you ever decide to get real help maybe then I will talk to you again but if not then I guess we had our last words already...

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Court Yesterday

To my surprise I was amazed that my mother only had one out burst. She made a comment about my father not having his income tax papers there with him yesterday. Well dad was not appointed a free lawyer paid by the courts like my mother was so he was not aware that he needed these documents because his income has not changed. My dad had to represent him self. He has spent way too much over the years for lawyers & in the end it has done him no good but put him in debt.
In the past he would go to court, pay a lawyer for a judge to make a decision & for my mom to breach the court order & nothing is done about it.
After we left the court dad went straight home & found the papers & we brought them back to the court.
Well mom had bought me a necklace with a heart on it before I was on speaking terms with her & I didn't want it in the first place but she gave it to my gram to give it to me so I just excepted it.
I broke it in peaces & tossed it to her on the floor before we went into the court room. Her little court appointed lawyer said for me not to be so immature but she did not have to deal with my mother for 35 years & has no idea what I have had to put up with. She should of told her client to stay the hell away from us but nothing was said to my mother when she made her comment to my father. Double standards I tell you. I am not even sure that she knew that I was the daughter of that mental case that was her client.

Before I went into the court room the bailiff was a jerk. I asked him a simple question & he was rude. Not like the last bailiffs for the last time we were in court were polite & understanding.
This one we had yesterday I think that he thought he was god or something. Police treat people with respect what gives this bailiff the right to be rude when I was asking a legit & simple question. Teacher's teach you to ask questions. I am tired of being crapped on & I am not putting up with it! Think I might put a complaint in about this guy!

When the jerk bailiff was using the metal detector on me mom was right in my face in front of me so I took off the diamond ring she had bought me a long time ago at Christmas & handed it to her & told her that I didn't want it to take it back. She just looked at me for a second & i said take it I don't want it you can hawk it or some thing. Then she took it.

Unfortunately I still have the graduation rings she gave me but I am going to figure out how much they cost & in the new year some time I will mail her the money for these so I can say that I bought them myself because I do not want any thing from her. I do not want any thing from a liar.

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amanwhocares said...

I am glad you have this site. I hope others find it and it makes a difference in thier lives. I hope that the court apprearances will end soon. I am 59 now and my life has almost been summed up with just fighting all of it for some little shred of justice. I even contracted a Lymphoma awhile back. I cant help but think all the fighting I have done has been a large factor in getting it. Liek my blood is worn out from having to filter all the bile produced from the fighting.My whole family is nuts. Father hates me and sister sucking up to him. Daughter now 23 years old and still cannot realize what you have. Saldy she has two babies now of her own. PAS is a terribly awful form of abuse. People that do it can be nothing other than demon possessed.
Robert Gartner

"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."
- Albert Einstein -

The Angry Daughter - PAS Parental Alienation Syndrome

The Angry Daughter - PAS Parental Alienation Syndrome