The Angry Daughter - PAS Parental Alienation Syndrome

The Angry Daughter - PAS Parental Alienation Syndrome
I was born & raised in Saint John New Brunswick Canada...I could not have asked for a better dad, I wouldn't want any other dad...When I was little I remember my mom telling me that I would want to play with her ornaments & dad would let me & I guess I use to break them accidentally of course...Mom would always tell me how he let me play with them & that I broke them...Her good expensive ornaments... Well in grade one is when things went bad for mom & dad, so dad moved out & no matter what mom said she couldn't make me turn against my dad so it has been 33 years since I was born so I sagest mom stop trying to turn me against my dad because it isn't going to happen...Don't get me wrong mom wasn't all bad there were some good memories but too few... With dad my brother & I came first & with mom well after dad left she went all wired...Instead of being a good mother & just dealing with the break up, getting over it & moving on she had only one thing one her mind & that was to turn my down syndrome brother & I against my dad...This will never work with me & she hates me for that because I will not believe & go along with her lies...Even though she has kidnapped my brothers mind she can not kid nap his heart... I do wish I could have a relationship with my mom but how can I when she lies not only about my dad but about me...Just because I wouldn't go along with her lies she decided to make up some lies about me...What type of mother does that...For the life of me I can not even begin to understand how a mother or parent can do that to a child... When I was a little girl & still even now all I wanted was for my mother to just be a mother...I am sorry that dad leaving you cause you such mental disorder that you can not seem to grasp or hold on to reality...But every thing that comes out of your mouth is hurtful lies & how could you expect me to just stand there & let you do it...You could of had my help now that you going through another separation but lying & manipulating are more important to you than your own children...I can see that in your youngest son you already are brain washing him...It is not right no matter how things ended...If you ever decide to get real help maybe then I will talk to you again but if not then I guess we had our last words already...

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The best parenting advice ever from Judge Michael Haas

This article was shared in a group I am in on FB. Thought it was worth wile sharing. All judges should think this way when it comes to kids. If I could meet this Judge I would hug him bc his words are inspiring that maybe there is hope that kids childhoods can be happy & healthy & not have to pay the price for their parents mistakes. God bless you Judge Michael Haas!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Reply to my mother

I told you the truth. My dad never did the things you said. You made up lies about him out of spite & hate that I can never forgive you for. My kids also know the things you said about their grandfather & the dislike you for the things you said. Unlike you I tell the truth to my kids. My kids do not consider you their grandmother. My youngest who is 13 yrs old has never met you & never will. My 24 yr old, 18 yr old & 17 year old have no interest in having any relationship with you. This is what you lies have brought you. You have missed out on relationships with four beautiful grandchildren & a beautiful great granddaughter because you could not see past you hate & lies. My dad has not missed out on his grandchildren & great grandchildren.
Her post: My Daughter is The Captain of Her Shipip

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More Replies to my mother comments to her post!

I will do as I see fit to deal with liars like you. I don't feel one bit sorry for you because all you are is a fucking liar & I hate liars! I have no respect for you at all. You are a idiot. This is a blog not a book & I dare you to try to publish any lies about me or my father because I will so sue your ass for every thing you own you crazy bitch!
Her comment here

You are a fucking liar & I do not have to stay off your blog. It is a public blog & I am the public. My father never did any thing to me but you & Terry abused me physically, emotionally & mentally. You lie about my dad & me so I don't believe any of the other sit you have posted either. Dr Snow probably never even touched you either! I know when you asked me if he touched me you wanted me to say yes so that you could of sued him for more money! But he never touched me & he probably never touched you either because you are a liar!

Also you have no right to call your self a "MOTHER" What a joke! You don't know the first thing about being a mother! I don't have a mother!

More twisted lies from you...If I had any anger issues it is because I had to have a mother like you that let her boyfriend beat me all the time with a belt! This is why I do not speak to you! All the lies you say. This is why I will never speak to you again no mater what the circumstances are! I am far better off with no mother! If you thought any thing of your children you would not make up lies about them to get back @ their fathers! I love my dad but I can not say the same thing to you! I have NO MOTHER!
Her comment here

Friday, July 19, 2013

Replies To My Crazy Mother

Sick, sick, sick you are sick in the head to be making up all these lies. Poor Dawn want attention so she has to make up stories that are lies!

You couldn't even keep your second husband who you let abuse me with a belt & made my friend watch & wouldn't let her go home & burnt Troys fingers on the kerosene heater!
He dumped your crazy ass & got another woman who you called Bitchey Bonnie.

Go see a different head shrink because the one you are seeing isn't working!
Her Post: Here

Another lie by Dawn. Dawn the lier! Liar liar pants on fire!

However here is the truth you use to tell me you were going to chock me all the time when i was a little girl. How Dawn like's to forget the truth & make up lies instead!

Karma is gonna bite you in the ass! You should change your ways & stop pretending to be a good person & actually be one! You are not getting into heaven if you keep up with your lies!
Her Post: Here

My father has no issue's. Obviously you have issues because you keep making up lies about him because he left you & you have be vindictive ever since.

You don't even know your grand children or your great grand child because of your mental issues. You older grand kids know the things you say & they have no respect for you. That is why when I was talking to you & you called here my oldest boy hung up on you & didn't tell me that you called! They love there grandfather though!

Stop taking out your mental issue's onto my dad who has never done any of what you said.

Why don't you write the truth for once like How you let Terry your x-husband who left you for Bitchy Bonnie as you called her abuse your two kids. But no liars like you have NO REMORSE!
Her Post: Here

You can't believe it because it is not true & you dreamed it up with you sick little mind!

As long as you keep telling lies I will keep spreading the truth!
Her Post: Here

No offence you would of never gotten a degree because you are slow in the head. There is nobody home up there in your brain! Stop fantasizing about what you wish you could of done & face the reality that I have more brains in my pinkie finger than you do in that tiny pea brain of yours! Build a a bridge & get over it!
Here Post: Here

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Reply To My Mothers Post

Some one should stick something up you ass! Stop making up stories! You have so much wrong with you head it isn't even funny. You have a sick mind to be making up all this shit! You have a sick imagination!

Also you are so stupid. I read some of your post. Only a real dumb ass would go out drinking to bars & get in a car with some one she doesn't know & then have to jump out! You are asking for trouble. Also going to some where that you don't know the people thinking it is a party. Give your dam head a shake & wake to hell up. You keep doing what you have been doing & you are going to be one of the ones there talking about on the news that they find dead some where because of your stupidity!. Stop drinking, going to bars, going places that you don't know & meeting people that you don't know. Also stop bringing terrorist type people to saint john!
That is all you have on your facebook for friends is terrorist type people. What the hell is wrong with you! Smarten the hell up now!!
My mothers post