I was born & raised in Saint John New Brunswick Canada...I could not have asked for a better dad, I wouldn't want any other dad...When I was little I remember my mom telling me that I would want to play with her ornaments & dad would let me & I guess I use to break them accidentally of course...Mom would always tell me how he let me play with them & that I broke them...Her good expensive ornaments... Well in grade one is when things went bad for mom & dad, so dad moved out & no matter what mom said she couldn't make me turn against my dad so it has been 33 years since I was born so I sagest mom stop trying to turn me against my dad because it isn't going to happen...Don't get me wrong mom wasn't all bad there were some good memories but too few... With dad my brother & I came first & with mom well after dad left she went all wired...Instead of being a good mother & just dealing with the break up, getting over it & moving on she had only one thing one her mind & that was to turn my down syndrome brother & I against my dad...This will never work with me & she hates me for that because I will not believe & go along with her lies...Even though she has kidnapped my brothers mind she can not kid nap his heart... I do wish I could have a relationship with my mom but how can I when she lies not only about my dad but about me...Just because I wouldn't go along with her lies she decided to make up some lies about me...What type of mother does that...For the life of me I can not even begin to understand how a mother or parent can do that to a child... When I was a little girl & still even now all I wanted was for my mother to just be a mother...I am sorry that dad leaving you cause you such mental disorder that you can not seem to grasp or hold on to reality...But every thing that comes out of your mouth is hurtful lies & how could you expect me to just stand there & let you do it...You could of had my help now that you going through another separation but lying & manipulating are more important to you than your own children...I can see that in your youngest son you already are brain washing him...It is not right no matter how things ended...If you ever decide to get real help maybe then I will talk to you again but if not then I guess we had our last words already...

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Mental Disorders, Pathological Liars, Sociopath, The Pattern of Lying in Bipolar Disorder

Pathological lying is sociopathy or antisocial personality disorder, which is characterized by a lack of regard for others' feelings and manipulating others for personal gain (or sometimes just plain amusement). People with antisocial personality disorder also frequently have erratic work histories and substance abuse problems and may engage in criminal activities.

One other condition sometimes associated with lying is dissociative identity disorder (DID), formerly known as multiple personality disorder (MPD). People with DID are sometimes accused of lying because they deny engaging in activities others have witnessed them doing. They may not be consciously lying, however, if they engaged in the behavior while in a dissociated state -- for instance, as one of their dissociated aspects of self, or alternate personalities -- and have no conscious memory of it.

The Pattern of Lying in Bipolar Disorder

Pathological Liars
A pathological liar believes in the lies.

Personality disorders


Chrissy said...


My name is Chrissy. Im the founder of ~Survivors not Victims~. I have many chapters to my book of life as you can see on my website. But this chapter is on PAS and how it effected me.

When I was 3 my mom meet the man we thought would fullfill our dreams of being a husband and father. This was shatterd shortly after the courting was over. My mother and I where very much abusied by this man. I was always without my mom knowing made known by him that I was not his child. I always wanted his love and approval I hungered after it but nothing I did was right for him. When he yelled at me pure fear would enter my mind would I get hit this time and never ever was I allowed to look him in the eye during these periods. Iwould get flush my ankles would itch the butterfies in my stomach would be overwelming. I tell you these things to help you to understand the power someone can have over your mind even after all this.They eventally had my 2 wonderful brothers.

After years of abuse I often wondered why she put up with it. I saw and heard alot of things. I was also old enough to remember alot of it. To my brothers I was the best big sister. When they where scared I reassured them. When they where happy I smiled. I took alot of heat to keep that promise of a sister to them. They where the happiest part of my childhood. My mom after many years finally got the guts to leave. He tricked her and said she would get us and he would leave. But it was all a lie. I cant stress enough my mom never LEFT us. But we where led to believe this.

I would watch this strong man fall to the ground in tears so I could hold him to tell him everything would be ok. I started getting angry with my mom. Little by little I heard when I was little my mom was a prositute, she cheated on him, she left all of us, if she gets you I ll never see you again. Ill kill myself was his all time favorite. I could go on and on about all the things I heard about my mom. I all of a sudden started to feel loved. I was the daughter he needed me to be. I was the new caretaker in the family. He needed me. I started to hate my mother. I never noticed I was being BRAINWASHED. Why is she hurting daddy? where my thoughts. I was lost, confused, torn. I felt wanted and unwanted all the same time. I was becoming his therapist being told things a daughter should'nt probably hear. My mind was racing with thoughts. Keep in mind I was old enough to remember all the things that happened before the split. Even with all this memory I choose him. He would set me up to get info on my mom when we visted her steal notes listen to phone conversations anything that he could get on her. Even when he said they should talk she would come over and he would without her knowledge tape the coversations. This situation was not normal. He wasnt normal. But I saw it all and still I choose him. The game parents play with the what did mom/dad say about me is emotinally crippling to a child. we feel torn in your web of manipulation. Stop!! As a parent its your job to care for us. We trust you because you are the parent. Its a PRIVLAGE. I got to a point that I felt like I was going crazy but I hated my mom his plan was working and in full force. We where emotinally kidnapped from her. Thats what PAS is. The only way for me to describe it is we are pieces on a chess board the parent keeps moving us pawns but we will never hear the words "checkmate" because we dont know we are playing this game. He is mad that my mom wasnt coming back so we where the revenge. Most parents love their children so whats the perfect punishment for this us the children to be with held. Espically when they made the mistakes in the marriage to begin with.

I became one with his mind, his emotions until I finally thought what he thought. I felt what he felt I hated like he hated. I think this is confusing to other parent but we are now robots there is so much involved with this. Its a skill I tell ya. I eventually all of a sudden was getting material things that I never got before I was allowed to go places and do things I was never allowed to do before. This is all part of the plot. To a child getting all these things is great. But it serves a couple of purposes 1. I can do these things
that the other parent cant. 2. Your mom always didnt want you to have it
3. To keep you off track of whats going. This does happen dont be fooled more often than you think. I fell into this. It all part of mind control.

This is ultimate betrayal to the child and we are so warped in the mind we dont know it. It carries into adult hood it lingers like a dark cloud. It crushes the internal spirit of childhood with hate and enraged anger toward the victim parent. Its a punishment we dont deserve but we live. He made me believe he was the victim. He was wounded. Its all about him. he transformed my life there is much more to this story. As anadult I carry this weight. I eventually was thrown to the curb by him when I guess I was no longer needed. But for many years until recently his words come to mind and I think was he right knowing full well that my mother is none of the beastly things he had me believe. I became an angry person with walls so built up around id never let anyone in. I would not be vulnerable to be hurt. My moms and I relationship has been rocky and has needed alot of work but now shes my best friend, supporter, hero, and most important loving mother. I carried a burden of a broken marriage of hatred to another person it has formed me to be who Iam today finally letting go some of the pieces trying to fiqure out who i am without hurt.
If you are able to make contact with your child take it slow dont rush even when your heart says now. They have walls they where trained that way. They have anger they where trained that way. they where in hatred boot camp for many years. If you push to hard they will get defensive and you'll start from scratch if ever. They as much as they say NO they want you they want to know they are loved it sounds sick but its in there somewhere. but DONT PUSH. They are controled by a force thats webbed around them they just dont know it. They are hurt crushed lost and tramatised. They might say awful things to you I did to my mom. Things that will break your heart and they know it will buts the anger the brainwashing the robot inside of them. I asked myself even when my relationship seemed good was he right. The mental thoughts are scars but scars heal. It takes time. There is hope it might takes days months even years but what comes around goes around. I have loosened my grip on the hold this man has on my life. At times I still feel abused by him espically since I dont have my brothes. I love my mother and Im grateful to have the relationship I have with her. She has a heart of gold and never desirved any of this all she did was say enough and for this shes payed the highest cost. The thing she cherishes the most was taken from her motherhood. My brothers are still locked into this betrayal i havent seen them in 17 years. I miss them and love them. My mother has not seem them either. I once was the alienator now Im the alienatee. It hurts. I did nothing wrong neither did my mother.. Its also not your childs fault they are the true victims of all of this. Please pray that my brothers will find their way home to the place where they are missed and loved.....

Remember PAS is child abuse. You have read just a glimpse of my heart if you have any ?s let me know. This includes parents that want to know about a child point of you. A person that has been the victim achild or adult that needs to talk your not alone I feel your pain. Everyone. If you are reading this and you are the person causing PAS to a family please read and reread its never to late to turn things around because later you might be the one standing alone. Its hurting the kids more than the victim parent.
Thank you and please repost Chrissy ~Survivors Not Victims~ ctyofangels@comcast.net

Bonnie said...

thanks for the links on the pathological lying of those with bipolar!!

Work @ Home said...

My father was alienated from his father as a teen by my grandmother. Grand parents divorced in 1929. My dad told him to F-off when he was 18. My dad started looking for his dad when he was in his late 50's early 60's and when he found his whereabouts he learned his dad had died the year before. My Dad and Mother divorced when i was 15. I am child #3 in 10 children. My mother immediately started to alienate all the children. My dad was an alcoholic and did some things to help it along. I was the only child of 10 who tried to stay in contact with him. He died 2003 at age 76 having only brief contact with a few of his children when i brought him back to our city to a nursing home.

I decided when I got divorced to not do many of the things my father did, so that my children wouldn't be alienated from me. Unfortunately, keeping your side of the street clean is not enough. My ex set about to destroy my life and my relationship with my children when they were young. 13 years of court battles, false allegations, every trick in the alienators handbook eventually worked.

1 year ago my daughter age 17 then and 14 year old son told me by text phone message; we're through tolerating you! Interesting fact, my youngest son's first name is John, my first name is John and my fathers name you guessed it, was John.

These groups that say that parental alienation doesn't exist or is "junk science" is like saying, women have always been treated equal in the workplace. I remember calling my children and hearing my ex in the background saying to them "he doesn't love you, why are you talking to him" Other times she would answer,turn to the kids and say "your dad's on the phone, you don't want to talk to him right?" When more Judges, lawmakers and "big names" have it happen to them, (to their kids detriment" then we will see it become a "real problem". Will be to late for my children but maybe not for yours. Like Alec Baldwin said, she killed the time, my kids will never be little again..

I understand your anger and pain Angry Daughter. Please don't let it eat you up. Feel it but don't live it for long. Life is too short.

John Mark

APGifts said...

Has anyone here ever encountered a person who
suffers (or causes others to suffer) from an odd
case of 'Golden Uterus' Syndrome (GUS)?

"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."
- Albert Einstein -

The Angry Daughter - PAS Parental Alienation Syndrome

The Angry Daughter - PAS Parental Alienation Syndrome